Further notes…

First, I am assuming you’d like to be Creative Director of Sussex Soundscape, or whatever title you wish. In that ongoing role, you’ll accrue the benefits that I want you to have.

Well, if there is a minimal budget then of course I would expect it to raise my profile in a meaningful way. As for benefits, what do you have in mind? Again, if I cant charge what I usually do as billable time, whats the reward later? I get offered percentages all the time and usually reject them because its pie in the sky conjecture.

Development budget

There is no development budget per se. The purpose of the pitch site is to establish the level of interest by prospective clients – orchestras, halls, etc. So its 100% risk. There’s a cost of course, but let’s try and contain it. Discussions to date suggest strong interest. Once we have a measure of the interest, we can plan the next steps (full site, etc) accordingly.

There’s a cost of course, but let’s try and contain it. This is what I’m working out. Meaning, I usually know what the marketing budget  is so I can work out what I can realistically do. It’s like someone wanting a quote on a house. Um, a shed? From what materials? How big? As I already mentioned there are things that a professional site requires that naturally take up my time. Even GDPR has to be monitored and the database managed. And usually I create all the images and videos if required. All billable time.

Purpose of the pitch site

To sell the vision. What is the vision? The strong connection between many celebrated (and less-known) English composers and Sussex. The remarkable musical heritage of one of Britain’s most culturally distinct counties. The pitch will animate this sense of place and music. It will establish the value of the platform to orchestras, concert halls, and perhaps music labels (paying clients), and to strategic partners (tourism bodies, etc).

Yes, I do see it’s role. Again there’s a utilitarian pitch and there’s a pitch. Attenuated to what people actually want to see in 2020. It all must be seriously impressive. Want money? Look as thought you spent it. Everything I do looks as though it wasn’t done on the smell of an oil rag. Even if sometimes it was.

Functionality of the pitch site

To deliver the vision in whatever way you decide is most effective. To show prospective clients the benefits of using the platform, and essentially what they’ll get for their annual fee. A thin, maybe 2-level, pitch site should be sufficient to achieve this. I will suggest site structure, provide copy and suggest some pics. The rest is yours.

What annual fee? Maybe you explained that.

This make sense?