RE: Sussex Soundscape website DD: 01 February 2020


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Suggest we break down the website development and implementation into three phases:

Phase 1 Develop password-protected high-impact website, with perhaps a page depth of 2, to serve as a pitch for prospective financial partners, strategic partners, sponsors, key participants, and media partners.

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Phase 2 Expand the website to an operating level, encompassing the full range of the venture’s activities and revenue streams.

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Phase 3 Go live, manage and update the website on an ongoing basis.

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I will provide you notes highlighting keywords, to add to the current overview. You could then briefly outline your approach and vision for the website. We then agree process, timetable, and fee structure.

Phase 1: Briefing from me Develop and present concept Review and amend as necessary Execute Deliver

Phase 2: Briefing from me Expand structure and introduce new content Review and amend as necessary Execute Deliver

Phase 3: Agree support level Implement