Sussex Soundscape. We both want this to happen. Let’s get it sorted.

I figure best if I summarise where I think we are – correct me where I have it wrong or differs from the route you want to take.

Seems practical to do it here, and am also posting it.

01: Worth restating: the purpose of the thin pitch site is to equip me to pitch to prospective clients (orchestras, etc) and strategic partners. There’s a very limited hosting requirement.

Addressed that. Knowing what’s required and why is what I’m paid for.

02: You’ll build the pitch site, but you’d like me to get a quote from Adam, so there’s a comparative value. Is that right?

Not really. People who have never commissioned a professional site sometimes have strange ideas of what things actually cost. So it’s often an education.

03: We’ll sort the full site once we have a measure of the response to the pitch.

I have no problem with that but a lot of the work that goes into even what you call a two-page pitch is exactly the same for a proper site. That’s my time.

04: The purpose of the brief was always to enable Adam and his team to understand what Sussex Soundscape is about, and the extent of the pitch site. It never was to ‘romance’ him, as you put it – I know him.

05: I’ll purchase an Avada licence, for the pitch site build.

06: We’ll work out what I can give you that you don’t have.

Money works. Assume Adam would want to be paid. 🙂

07: I’ll give you my thoughts on the pitch site content structure – in some cases just a general line such as ‘vision statement’ for you to interpret as creatively as you wish.
What have I missed?